My mind is so full but my heart is empty.
—“10 Word Poem" series - #59  (via melisica)
Loving a wild thing is like having a lion for a pet. You know it’s a creature of violence whose very nature and talent is murder, and yet it lies down at your side and purrs for your touch alone.

"That’s what friends do."

"And as my friends, you have to let me go."


{{off on a forest walk


Jul 31
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"Can’t eat with my mouth shut."


"What’cha bring?"


{[  she opens the bag, glances down there before shrugging her shoulders and pouring the inventory out over the table.  ]}


                 … some deepfried mozarella-sticks, a buncha onion-rings, some jalapeño-cheese-thingies, hotwings and i guess that’s fried calamari…?

           oh, and milkshakes!❞♛

{[ which luckily were not in the bag. ♛ ]}

[ Sounded nutritious enough to him. ]

"Ah, a rooftop picnic by moonlight with a beautiful woman. I feel underdressed."


"Remind me to bring a guitar next time."


Muse A is kidnapped by scientists to be experimented on. Turns out these scientists were people Muse B used to work for and are trying to get back at Muse B for leaving. Now, Muse B knows what is going to happen and they muse race against time in order to save Muse A before it’s too late.

Twist #1: Muse B is too late and has to watch as Muse A dies.

Twist #2: Muse B gets there just in time to watch Muse A turn into an emotionless killer like the scientists wanted.

batlxr ;  
[[ the ask about alfred maDE ME SAD ]]

{{then my job is complete}}

determinedleader ;  
"Why did you do that?"

Send “Why did you do that?” for my character explaining why they took a bullet for your character.

[ Excellent question. X hissed softly through his teeth, keeping them locked to bar any whimpers of pain from escaping as he held his injured leg. God, but it hurt — a searing lance of pain pierced his head when he so much as twitched it.

Why did he? In truth, he hadn’t exactly been thinking at the time. It had been an automatic reaction to seeing a gun pointed to the Titans’ yellow-and-black insignia.

Bad blood or no, it turned his stomach to consider that bullet piercing Dick’s chest. Still haven’t learned your lesson, Todd. Still, he forced a grin into his voice, strained as it was by his injury. ]


"The Princess might’ve…been a bit pissed at me…if I didn’t, Boy Bullseye."

Send “Why did you do that?” for my character explaining why they took a bullet for your character.


"Awesome. I almost lost a hand getting all those weapons. So sorry if I’m a little hostile." 


( Still. She wasn’t a complete jerk. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Look, I’ll be willing to trade a few of those if you have anything worth my time." 


[ Jason eyed her or a moment as he weighed his options, swiftly concluding that they were few. A fight would attract zombies, and he’d rather not waste bullets on something with a heartbeat.

He mentally skimmed through his inventory. Swiss army knife, kitchen knife, four (no, three — he’d dropped on on the way) bottles of water, canned food, matches, rope, flashlight… Damnit, they were in a mall. What didn’t she have access to? He pinched the bridge of his nose. ]

"You wouldn’t happen to need dehydrated noodles?"

[ Worth a shot. ]


I’m supposed to be doing something else. What am I doing.


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the todd appreciates hot

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