Batman #649 (Under the Hood)


DC Bombshell art - I figure these will be all the variants DC listed in Previews. I’m in love. Available here:

I don’t know what’s worse: to not know what you are and be happy, or to become what you’ve always wanted to be, and feel alone.
—Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon (via splitterherzen)


{{petition for Kori to always be drawn as a muscular amazon goddess babe please}}



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                                   i do not kill without REASON

                                   — and i can always find one.

                                     “The queen of the galaxy has arrived!

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Apr 23
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rp recommendation.

vera made one of these for me when i had a bad night; i figured i’d return the favour. at any rate — she deserves this more than almost anyone i know. and i’m assuming it’s obvious i took inspiration from her blog/the way she does her icons; that’s on purpose so that it will somewhat match. it’s not me suddenly changing my way of doing graphics to copy her. unlike a lot of people lately who have been doing just that. and so i’m making this for someone who has had a bad day though she deserves only the best days.

all right. what to even say about vera? she is hands down one of the best writers i have ever seen on tumblr. no matter which muse she’s writing, she is insanely in character, capturing their voices and quirks and various facets of their personality with an ease and grace that’s nearly unparalleled. her writing is phenomenal no matter what blog she’s on; it flows beautifully and isn’t too much or too little. 

her elsa, though. vera’s portrayal of elsa will make you forget that the entirety of frozen wasn’t focused solely on her; she understands this character on a level which i only wish i could grasp my own. regal, reserved, loving, and altogether perfect, there are nuances which vera has put into elsa that i am constantly astounded at — because the film doesn’t adequately address them, and yet vera makes them flow with ease and integrate into the character flawlessly.

if that’s not enough — vera’s insanely funny and sweet out of character as well. she’s one of the best friends i’ve made here. she’s open, kind, and so enthusiastic about roleplaying. she puts so much work into everything — her blog, her icons, her writing style, and her friendships. if you aren’t following vera, you really, really should be. you will never regret it — and that is a guarantee. 

Character appreciation post:
 »Jason Todd / Red Hood

—a novel by all fangirls, via iwasallhigherbeingy (via allroundlostcause)



Cleaned up that sketch and made it into a thing. :D She is so lovely to draw!

Title: Sick Of It
Artist: Skillet
Album: Rise
Played: 156 times


Are you sick of it?
Raise your hands,
Get rid of it!
While there’s a fighting chance.
Are you over it?
Bored to death?
Have you had enough regret?
Take a stand, raise your hands…

If you’re sick of it!

Let them think they have the upper hand over the little girl. Let them relax while the adrenaline leaks out of their systems. Let them believe they’re closing their grips on a shrinking violet. And when their guard is down and their pride is rising… let me kick their butts up around their ears. 


{{the urge to make a Valerie Gray is sudden and strong

though tbh it’s mostly me wanting to roleplay Danny/Val}}

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