Burning Ears lol

update;; semi-hiatus

— not that I’ve been active enough the past few weeks anyway, but I may as well make an official post.

Alas, there’s no rest for the wicked and I have work to do over the summer holiday. And I am behind on literally e v e r y t h i n g. I’ll still be coming online, but my activity won’t be great for a while until I’ve caught up on all the shit I’ve been set for college.

Ι force myself to feel ɴοτʜɩɴɢ

For fear of feeling everything.

{{it’s too hot to do anything but I need to actually work on my extended project

it’s over three weeks into the holiday and I literally have not done shit}}

Fucking up is kinda my thing
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Super Best Friends by blue-pizza123

a jason todd playlist
{ listen }

1. Annihilation A Perfect Circle | 2. Paris Is Burning St. Vincent | 3. River Below Billy Talent | 4. Losing TouchThe Killers | 5. Walking Disaster Sum 41 | 6. A Pain That I’m Used To Depeche Mode | 7. The Enemy Mumford and Sons | 8. Castle Of Glass Linkin Park | 9. Golden Fall Out Boy



Okay, wow! I’ve only had this blog for just under a month and I’ve already hit 100+ followers! I did have a different Jason blog last year and let me tell you, this one has been much more fun because of the people I’ve met and interact with. You guys are so great so thank you! I honestly only interact with a handful of people and I’m going to make a short follow forever from those peeps.

These are my main peeps:

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Hot Entrance by raymundlee


"Memory makes us who we are now.  The fragments of the past hold us anchor in the present and set the path for our future.  It can be a gift, a curse, or both."

All DC roleplayers are challenged to write a drabble about one tragic scene from their characters past that explains why their character is the person they are now.  All writings must be tagged with “event: memoria” and will appear in this tag.  

A panel of 5 roleplayers will modulate this event and judge the entries.  They will pick 3 winners on August 15th, who will then receive prizes.

Prize #1: An about/mun/rule page customized especially for you.  Tell us what you want where and where, and betterlucknexxtime will work with you to create the page.  More information will be given to the winner.

Prize #2: A promo post reblogged on the judges’ accounts.

Prize #3: 50 icons for the character of your choice (specify episode/movie)

Mods: betterlucknexxtime, nodeathonlyjustice, kidbigmouth (We’re looking for 2 more mods!  Please contact betterlucknexxtime if you’re interested! )

This is a fun event to encourage character development, so spread the word!  Entries will be judged on writing quality.  They can be in any format, writing, and genre (All mods are 18+), but it must be text only.  If you have any questions, contact any of the judges.  Good luck and more importantly, have fun!

rp partner: i suppose our muses could be happy for once
me: or
me: OR
me: we kill them





"— nice trip?"


        “No need to rush over and help.”


"Oh, good. That puts my conscience at ease."

Fangirl Challenge: [8/20] Families » Elena Gilbert and Jeremy Gilbert
"Elena’s my sister, no one’s going to fight harder for her than me.”

redxmarksthespot ;  
"Please don't do this."


Send “Please don’t do this.” for my muses reaction to your muse leaving mine x

It’s not like this wasn’t expected. Except it wasn’t, not really or even at all- some naivety in her still lived, it seemed. She really had to do something about that, because even now it whispered in her ear, ‘it’s not forever’. It’d be easier if it was, she thinks. 

She can’t remember what snarky remark she just made, to make it easier on him- if he needed it- and to put up her shields. And she doesn’t think it worked because he’s giving her this funny look, even as he turns away. 

Turning away. He’s really doing it, isn’t he? Why’d he tell her though? Was he- no, don’t be stupid, sentimentality is something they both should have given up a long time ago, he wouldn’t have- but maybe he really wanted to go after all?

God, he was going and she was just going to let him after all of this, wasn’t she? … She really is selfish, isn’t she? It’s with a quick dash that she catches up with him, stopping his movements with a warm embrace and a soft sigh. 

"I’m sorry but- please…”

She doesn’t elaborate, and his only answer is a stiff back and a hand on one of her arms.